Reptiles for Sale and reptile supplies in Hendersonville, TN

40 gallon tank 1 climbing branch 1 hollow log 1 terra cotta layered rock 2 plants 1 cave with a water bowl Food bowl with meal worms and crickets 1 50 watt bulb and fixture - day 1 50 watt bulb and fixture - night 1 green mat that fits tank 2 smaller brown mats Iggy - Super Hypo Baldy ( RARE MORPH ) Description: Iggy is a loving gecko that loves to be held and talked to. You can tell stories, s...
I made this last year for my snake, Leviathan. He's grown too big and fat to use it anymore, so I'd like to pass it along to someone else. I painted it to look like it was found deep in the jungles of Africa. I bought a blank birdhouse from a craft store and hand-painted it. I used crafting Moss to craft the roof and used artificial leaves to create a canopy. there is no poop inside and the bot...
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