I have a chinchilla Rabbit. That needs a home. We can't keep him. He is 2 months old. Will get 9lbs or less. He is free. He comes with his food and bedding.
Came with a tank I bought at a yard sale Ppu only
Hey guys!! I m selling these sweet fur babies! They re not even a year old yet. They were bought at Petco in April! Nothing wrong, we just don t play with them as much as used to. Selling together or separately. If sold separately, you ll get a cage, water bottle, igloo, & food bowl for $100. If sold together, comes with both cages and everything mentioned above including fresh bag of food and ...
Eddie was rescued from a local Nashville park when his original family set him loose. He's a very social, brave rabbit. He doesn't resist being held but he doesn't seem to love it. Once he's had the opportunity to hop around, explore, and get out some energy, he DOES like to be petted and will often plop down right next to you. While we have "bunny proofed" his room, when he has encountered the...
Female Around 6-7 months old Comes with: wheel,bedding,food,water bottle and holder, food bowl,sand and sand bowl and 2 hamster balls.
Images coming soon!...
Photos coming soon!...
Porch pickup near long hollow baptist
Rinne and PK are a female and male pair who were found outside together. We know they are related, but are unsure if they are a brother/sister pair OR mother/son pair. They love each other very much and they are so precious! Rinne had 1 of her eyes re...
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