20-Jul-2018Nashville, TN(16 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for any size fans
20-Jul-2018Nashville, TN(16 miles)Items Wanted
Need a working refrigerator
20-Jul-2018Nashville, TN(16 miles)Items Wanted
I need a washer and dryer! Any color lineage it doesn't even have to match. Just need something to wash clothes and dry thank you
18-Jul-2018Nashville, TN(16 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a stand alone king size bed frame that I can use with any king size headboard.
18-Jul-2018Nashville, TN(16 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for (2) queen size bed frames that can be used with any headboard
18-Jul-2018Nashville, TN(16 miles)Items Wanted
If possible, a 17 inch screen Toshiba 64bit with Microsoft Office, good condition.
17-Jul-2018Nashville, TN(16 miles)Items Wanted
Hi! I am starting in a 9th grade English classroom and have no materials, decorations, books, nothing! I'm looking for any books, posters, bins, supplies, and so on. Thank you in advance for your help!

Ford Rearend

16-Jul-2018Mount Juliet, TN(10 miles)Items Wanted
Description: 4:10 gears wanted bad!!!!!
16-Jul-2018Mount Juliet, TN(10 miles)Items Wanted
Description: need to put behind 302(5.0) motor, i believe its and E4OD tranny.
16-Jul-2018Mount Juliet, TN(10 miles)Items Wanted
Description: Im looking for a set of all eight injectors. i cant remember what ft/lbs they were for sure but just the stock replacements would be good. if ya know of anywhere or anybody close to the NASHVILLE,TN area fill me in. please and thank you.
Description: Are you an auto body expert and a songwriter? Are you a songwriter who has a relative with an auto body shop? - this could be a great opportunity for the right songwriter/artist out there - either someone who does this for a living, or more likely, has someone in the family who does auto-body work....: Hi, my name is Dean Madonia. I am a Country/Rock/Pop Producer/songwriter. I am l...
15-Jul-2018Nashville, TN(16 miles)Items Wanted
We are looking for an air mattress in very good condition, cause we have no way of fixing it. Thank you
12-Jul-2018Nashville, TN(16 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for 2 spots to attend the July 21st Bluebird on the Mountain event - The Bluebird Cafe at Vanderbilt University Dyer Observatory, Brentwood TN Any ideas on how to find tickets since this is sold by the carload and the show is sold out? Thank you for your help.
11-Jul-2018Nashville, TN(16 miles)Items Wanted
I'm a youth director for a organization and I'm in need of barbie dolls for the kids to teach life skills.
10-Jul-2018Nashville, TN(16 miles)Items Wanted
Needing a large clothes rack or 2 medium size for fund raising yard sale.
9-Jul-2018Nashville, TN(16 miles)Items Wanted
Hello I have four kids I'm a single parent and I have no job right now looking for work but until then I have no air in my home for my kids
9-Jul-2018Nashville, TN(16 miles)Items Wanted
1 inch dia plastic gears in my Emerson shredder have lost teeth. Possibly other old shredders have similar that I could dismantle and use gears as replacement. Worth a try with any model office shredder you might like to get rid of, working or not.
9-Jul-2018Nashville, TN(16 miles)Items Wanted
Searching for Medium or Large flower pots.
7-Jul-2018Nashville, TN(16 miles)Items Wanted
I'm looking for a 110 AC window unit any BTU is fine.
6-Jul-2018Gallatin, TN(11 miles)Items Wanted
We were homeless just moved into a 2 bedroom duplex. In need of everything or anything to make our home comfy
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